Budget-friendly travel tips

If you’re heading away this holiday season, or are starting to plan a getaway for next year, there are plenty of ways that you can make your journey both memorable and budget-friendly.

Choose your spot wisely

One of the trickiest parts of planning a holiday, especially when travelling with children, is picking the destination. Will you be driving or flying? Domestic or international? How many people will be joining you? Take the time to research what is most viable for your needs, and factor in any budget constraints. For example, if you’ve got little ones tagging along, you may opt for accommodation in all-inclusive family-friendly holiday parks, or if heading overseas, choosing places with favourable exchange rates can help keep budget costs low.

Pack Smart

It can be difficult to do but packing as light as possible and only bringing the essentials can make your travels that little bit smoother. Taking only carry-on, especially on budget airlines, means you not only save money on baggage costs, but save time that you’d typically spend waiting for luggage after your flight. To help keep things light, pack clothing that can be easily mixed and matched and avoid packing too many pairs of shoes (you’ll likely be wearing the same pair each day!)

Avoid Tourist Traps

Once you’ve reached your beautiful holiday destination, it can be tempting to stick close to the hustle and bustle when in search of a meal. Skip the tourist traps when you can, as they’re often overpriced (and underwhelming), and instead try and “eat like a local” by venturing out to food markets or eateries tucked away from tourist-heavy areas.

Explore Low-Cost or Free Experiences

Museums, national parks, beaches, and markets can all offer free or low-cost fun. Research the area and make a list of spots you can explore – you may even discover hidden gems that typically only the locals know about. For families, popular destinations typically offer school holiday activities for the kids so take a look at local council websites or Facebook pages for updates.

Use Loyalty Programs

Take advantage of loyalty programs or travel rewards offered by airlines, banks, hotels and credit card companies. Accumulating points or miles can lead to heavily discounted flights and accommodation, and it’s also worth looking into promotions or sign-up bonuses that can decrease your travel expenses.

Plan Ahead

It’s been said many times before but planning ahead well in advance can give you enough time to secure the best deals. Combining this with some flexibility on your travel dates can also lead to significant savings, particularly if you’re able to lock in an off-peak getaway.

In the pursuit of a memorable, yet budget-friendly holiday, strategic planning can make a world of difference.

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