About Us

The journey of the Australia-wide group of WB Financial offices begins in 1988, with the adoption of the name, ‘Windsor Bartholomew’, and operating very successfully from its Brisbane offices. The year 1990 saw the company move to WB House, located at 32 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba; overlooking the famous Gabba cricket ground amongst a wonderful mix of retail, cafes, and antique showrooms.

In 1996, “WB Financial” was officially born as a boutique group; and in 2005, branding was refreshed to its current logo from the old lions-head door-knocker symbol from Durham Cathedral in the United Kingdom – legend has it that any person who wished to have “financial sanctuary” could achieve it by grabbing hold of the door-knocker.

In 2006, our Presidio office was opened, and Presidio Financial Services was trading as a WB office, the following year. Aligned with the same philosophy, Presidio is derived from the Spanish word, meaning “fortress”, with the intent of protecting its holdings and the missions of its occupants. In adopting this name, we made the decision to be exactly that for our clients: we are a base – a fortress that can be relied upon.

Our team