Budget-friendly spring cleaning tips

If the arrival of Spring gives you the urge to splurge on your home, there are plenty of ways to feather your nest. A million-dollar reno may be out of reach, but cosmetic changes can quickly alter the way your home looks and feels. Here are nine ways to lighten and brighten without weighing down your budget.

Giving your windows the obligatory Spring clean will allow natural light to flood the room. Plus, it will help you spot any cobwebs that are lurking in corners.

Worn carpets or bare floorboards can be given a lift with a new rug. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Get in touch with a local carpet wholesaler and peruse their offcuts for an affordable update.

Heavy curtains may be appropriate for the winter months but in the warmer months sheer or light-coloured curtains or blinds allow more sunlight into the room. There’s nothing like billowing curtains to give your home that easy, breezy summertime feeling.

A well-placed mirror can bounce light into the room. Hang one or a series of mirrors on a wall adjacent to a window and enjoy the effect.

A vivid painting can inject energy into a neutral room. Or adding a picture light or spotlight can brighten existing pictures.

Often lamps are placed lower in the room. When choosing or replacing lighting think tall lamps or higher lights to add brightness and lightness. LED strip lighting attached to heavy furniture or joinery can be another way to lighten up.

If you have furniture that is looking worse for wear or couches that have been used by your cat as a scratching post could they be given a revamp with a fresh coat of paint or a new cover or throw? There’s no need to buy all new to give your home a lift. Moving things around and clearing cluttered surfaces can revitalise spaces. And if you must buy try sourcing second-hand items via online marketplaces.

The march of time can make rooms feel heavier. There may be items that belong to a different stage of your life. Or you might hang on to things because they belonged to a relative who has passed away or kids who have moved out. Lighten the load by dumping or donating them or at the very least put them somewhere out of sight. Then bring in objects that remind you of happy days or those that have some quirkiness about them.

Winter is all about cosiness, softness, and warmth – velvets, knitted rugs, furry throws. With Spring it’s time to swap them for fabrics that are cool and fresh. Think linens, lighter fabrics, and colours. Refreshing a bedroom could be as simple as changing cushions or a throw rather than completely reinventing its look.

Go green
Dotting plants around your home can help it feel fresh and alive. Pop them into small bathrooms or home office nooks.

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