21 Trends to Watch in 2021

1. Data analytics tools are beginning to measure and even predict how effective a virtual meeting is READ MORE
2. Meat-free meat is set to become mainstream with new regulatory approvals granted READ MORE
3. Augmented reality technology is showing great promise in recreating the in-store experience while grocery shopping from home READ MORE
4. Geothermal energy set to finally move to the foreground of the renewable power discussion READ MORE
5. Amazon’s plan to enter the prescription drug business is it’s next big step toward world domination READ MORE
6. Law enforcement officials announce plans to start monitoring the smart doorbell footage of private homes to improve security – but at what cost? READ MORE
7. Netflix announces plans to launch a programmed linear content channel much like the ones it disrupted with the move to on-demand streaming READ MORE
8. Smart glass technology will soon allow windows in buildings to change colour and become solar-producing surfaces on hot days READ MORE
9. Microscopic robots that can be injected into the body to deliver targeted therapies are about to become a reality READ MORE
10. The marketing ‘holy grail’ of social commerce is set to ramp up with a partnership between Spotify and TikTok READ MORE
11. New construction technology uses recycled plastic to create durable and effective building materials READ MORE
12. Employers are increasingly using technology that monitors employee’s screens to ensure the productivity of their remote workforce READ MORE
13. Recruitment is set to get high tech with job interviews and application screening to be done increasingly by AI-powered robots READ MORE
14. ‘Liquid biopsy’ blood tests that can detect up to 50 cancers before any symptoms emerge are set to be rolled out READ MORE
15. In an age of contact-free commerce, holographic menu screens for meal ordering look set for wide-scale adoption READ MORE
16. After years of experimentation and research, drone delivery services have finally received government approval and are preparing for launch READ MORE
17. Self-driving cars have become one step closer to reality with new laws in the UK permitting ‘hands-free’ driving READ MORE
18. Recently drafted legislation in Germany has enshrined working from home as a legal right – paving the way to similar laws elsewhere READ MORE
19. In the aftermath of lockdowns, under-utilised CBD parking garages are being converted into community gardens and public spaces READ MORE
20. New weed-killing robots could spell the end of widespread pesticide use in farming and agriculture READ MORE
21. Virtual and augmented reality technology is set to transform remote delivery of everything from engineering support to healthcare READ MORE

Source: Michael McQueen December Newsletter 2020