Would I lie to you?

Ever wondered whether someone is lying to you about their money? Everything from debts, to gambling habits, to big bonuses, can be kept under wraps. Here are a few tell-tale signs that a friend, family member, or love interest may have something to hide when it comes to their finances.

1) Always strapped for cash

If they have a steady job but are always scratching cash or have no assets, they may be directing their dollars into multiple credit cards or poker machines.  A business deal may have gone bad and left them with losses or they might be spending on more than one love interest. On the flipside someone who suddenly splashes out on a luxury item or gadget could be hiding a big bonus, or surplus income so they can control how it’s spent.

2) Household items or valuables go missing

Someone in need of some extra cash may flick some furniture onto an online marketplace or sell some jewellery to the local pawn broker. There’s nothing wrong with your spouse or partner selling a few items to drum up funds unless there’s no communication or consultation about it beforehand or they are not above board about the reasons behind it.

3) Money going AWOL

Bank account balance looking smaller than expected? Or money going AWOL from your wallet, purse, or money jar? If money is being secretly siphoned out of accounts, there is usually something untoward going on. Likewise, if unexpected or unexplained items are appearing on a joint credit card or the card is suddenly maxed out.

4) Borrowing from friends or family

Needs you to spot them some cash until payday? Had their purse stolen when they’d just withdrawn a wad of cash? Car broken down and don’t have the funds to get it fixed. Whatever the reason, if someone is always borrowing from friends or family that can be a signal that they are not being completely honest about their money. They might not be good at managing money, or they could be overdosing on retail therapy and keeping it concealed.

5) Hides financial records or payslips

With so much of our financial records online it is easier than ever for someone to keep their spending, assets, or debts on the downlow. But if someone is being secretive about their receipts or their bank statements there may be something they don’t want you to know. Perhaps they are earning megabucks and don’t want you claiming a slice of the pie.

6) New loans or credit cards

If someone’s spending changes, they sign up to multiple credit cards or a new loan, this can hint at losses or a drop in income.

7) Avoids talking about money

If trying to have a conversation about your finances with a spouse or partner isn’t worth the grief that should be a red flag. Perhaps they get angry, change the subject, or leave the room when you bring up the topic of money. That could be an indicator that they are afraid of having their financial secrets exposed.